A Sacramento, California Backyard BoHo Wedding (With images by Ashley Maxwell Photography)

They say, "you never forget your first time," and I certainly never will! Autumn and Daniel are my most special couple, and for good reason! Not only were they my very first month-of coordination clients, but the bride is also one of my long-time gal-pals from Junior High! To add icing to the 'wedding cake,' their love story began in 2009, on practically the same weekend my Husband and I's did...at the same holiday party, in fact! So needless to say, I just adore these two! I mean, how could you not? They are just as lovely on the inside as they are on the outside!

Autumn has always had a passion for dancing, music & the ocean. Her wedding style reflected her personal style perfectly. She was a barefoot bride, with a carefree, simple boho style. Her long loose curls & simple flower crown matched her dress & blooms so naturally. It was such a perfect balance and seemed so effortless. The girl's got some serious design skills, and her style is on point! 

Daniel was also lookin' super fly that day! 

The couple had a large bridal party consisting of family and their closest friends. Autumn had her girls stick to an ivory-lace-boho theme, but allowed them to find their own dresses. (I did this as well, and my girls STILL thank me for letting them buy a little black dress they love and wear, and wear, and wear!) They were also bare foot with flowers in their hair!!! The groomsmen wore light gray suits to match to reinforce the casual look.

For the ceremony site, Autumn's Dad completely overhauled his backyard, in order to create the lush space for this special day. He bulldozed, repaved, landscaped...and EVEN built wooden bridges + an extra long path for his daughter's walk down the aisle. It was the perfect shady, romantic spot for a wedding, created with so much love! 

Autumn's Dad walked her down the aisle to Etta James' At Last, and at just the right moment in the song, they hit a spot on the pathway, where her Dad had created a special loop around the base of an old tree, where everyone could get a good view of her as he gave her one final spin as is Little Girl! Not gunna lie, it got me...and still gives me goosebumps to this day. It was magic! (You can see the special sidewalk around the tree on the left side of the image)

You could feel the excitement in the air just before....

This happened! 

SO much goodness! This is what it's all about, folks! This is everything! It's what I love most about wedding planning....celebrating the LOVE of two people, by bringing their favorite humans together to witness it, bask it, and basically wrap themselves all-up-in-it...to almost freeze time for one day, to basically host one big Love Fest! 

I still can't believe how gorgeous their bridal portraits are! Ashley Maxwell Photography is such a talented artist and I just adore her light and airy style! 

For some unique boho inspired wedding decor, Autumn found a woman at the Alameda Antique Faire who made living art pieces out of driftwood and succulents. They were used as decor accents throughout the house and backyard. Autumn also sourced some beautiful fringed lace overlays that tied it all together perfectly. 

In addition to month-of wedding coordination services, I also provided hand lettering services for their event signage, including their; table numbers, bride & groom chair signs, bar menu, buffet menu & special quotes, used as decor. 

There were other special decor details, such as; hand tied ivory napkin roll ups with an organza gold ribbon and fresh wild flowers at each place setting. The runners were found on Etsy, and were handmade with lace and burlap. Autumn even used abalone shells as mini centerpieces on the cocktail tables during cocktail hour, to represent the ocean and a nod to Daniel's artistic beach proposal in Santa Cruz, California. (Perhaps another blog post...?)

The (then) New Mr. and Mrs. Terrazas!!!

That First Dance Smile! 

This moment, Perfection! I am such a sucker for Groom's who twirl their girl! It's so romantic....and I eat it up every time. Nom nom nom! 

The floral design by Autumn's friend Lisa (owner of Lisa's Bouquet Shoppe) also felt natural and effortless. The color palate and textures lent themselves so perfectly to the boho theme, that they seem to mimic Autumn's relaxed, happy, bare foot vibes!  

Since this was my first official wedding on the books as Steele My Heart, this, therefore, was also my very first cake styling experience with real flowers, VERY real flames, and a wobbly table....but no worries, we survived! =) 

*Not shown, are the passed late night mini desserts of caramel filled churro bites in a Bailey's chocolate mousse shot! Oh-Em-Gee...I can still taste those little cinnamon + sugar coated, fried, gooey bites of goodness. (Carmelita's Catering in Roseville, CA...I'm talking about you!)

The night was filled with; photo booth shenanigans, a mean dance-off, a bartending bride, a McGyver style garter snafu, and a filled dance floor, thanks to the couple's favorite Campbell, CA based band, Local Traffic. They were so great to work with. They provided acoustic  tunes during cocktail hour, and then proceeded to keep things bumping late into the night. 

Autumn and Daniel had such a great time that night, they had me cancel their first car service, and again a second time, just so they could stay until the very end! My job here was clearly done! Nothing makes me happier, than happy clients. Period. 

The next morning, I woke up in a girlfriend's hotel room smiling from ear to ear! I was exhausted, but managed to bounce out of bed and downstairs to visit with old friends and catch up on all the stories from the night before! Not even the realization that my wallet went missing the night before could turn my frown upside down! (No worries, it wasn't stolen...just likely got tossed in the garbage, as it has never been seen or heard from again) 

I was energized and inspired, just knowing that I was an integral part of my friends most important day. I knew at that moment, that I had found my passion + that I was on the right path. I felt like something big had just happened, and that my life was now on a new course. I have never looked back and am so excited to see where SMH goes!

Autumn + Daniel, I will forever and ever be grateful for you trusting me, as a new wedding planner, to execute your wedding vision. It was so much fun rekindling our friendship in the process, I just love you guys to pieces, and wish you all the best in the many years to come! 

Love & Light,  ~Ry