"Hi there!" 


My name is Ryanne Steele and I am a California based Wedding Designer, Planner and Coordinator. I identify as an artistlover and free-spirit. Some of my favorite things are: my Husband, my morning ritual of making pour-over coffee, snacks, tap dancing, actual books, Incubus, tacos, our two cats Captain and Molly, street art, tattoos, my collection of sea glass, passport stamps, being barefoot, antique shopping and classic rock! You should also know that I am a Feminist who believes in peace,  equality and inclusion FOR ALL, period! 

Image: Cari Courtright Photography

Image: Cari Courtright Photography



When I'm not Serving My Clients,

 I'm Usually:

Rescuing ALL the kittens in our new neighborhood, reading, painting, tap dancing, road trippin’ with friends, traveling the world with my Husband, taking lots of photos, going to (mostly Incubus) concerts, relaxing at the beach, spending time with my family, trying new restaurants, wine tasting....and dreaming about moving to Hawaii one day!