Hi there! I am a Wedding Artisan, located in Northern California, and I am passionate about telling unique love stories through creative event design!

I identify primarily as an event designer and artist. I get really jazzed when playing with color, texture, and storytelling. I want every event I produce to be a unique and authentic experience, and I want it to be a perfect reflection of the couple and their love story. 

I believe in the following three things:

1. "Love is Love!" Everyone deserves to love and be loved, and that love should be celebrated, openly and freely! 

2. Any space can be transformed with intention and good design, to create a truly magical experience. 

3. Planning your wedding celebration doesn't have to be stressful. With a good plan (and a little booze), we are bound to have some Fun! 



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      Image: Emily March Payne + Venue: Vine Hill Estate

      Image: Emily March Payne + Venue: Vine Hill Estate